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Steel Manufacturing, Adult Care, Bingo Advertising Photography

It’s time to get some images out to keep everyone updated on all the different jobs we’ve been shooting. We had the opportunity to shoot some incredibly large steel producing equipment. It was hard to fathom the size of some of these pieces. After that we were off to an adult care facility to work with some great senior citzens. Our subjects were full of personality and wit. Of course we draw quite a crowd to watch the photo shoot.

Somewhere along the way we photographed Dominque Moceanu Cleveland’s own famous local gymnast. Dominque and her fiance made the shoot fun and upbeat. We returned to the studio on the west bank of Cleveland’s “flats’ and shot some great models for a Bingo supply company. The models were all charactor models and the expressions were priceless.

Throw in a couple of model portfolios shoots and it makes the photography business a passion of love.


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