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Cleveland Photographer “Shoots” Girls and Guns Calendar!


I know – people always sterotype photographers into shooting beautiful girls for a living…. but sometimes we actually do.  It was one very long day shooting 15 months for a local gun shop in Burton, Ohio… Ok if you know that much -then let’s  say it’s The Girls of the Gunrunner Calendar – 2009/2010.


Instead of running all over the country side – “greater Cleveland, Ohio” we stuck to getting everything shot in the studio.  I think it worked out great.

We ended up working with two model agencies in Cleveland and Canton.  I believe it will be a higher quality calendar in the long run.


I was able to set this scenarios to look like a bedroom scene… of course it’s in the middle of the graphic designer’s work area.  Should have done a pull back.

I think I was shooting coffee cups or something the next day… some days are diamonds – some days are ………..


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