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Cleveland – Chicago Still Cold

Started out the month shooting out to Chicago to photograph nurses. Hey we have nurses…. but the nurses in Chicago need me they said. So Chicago. It was fun but a very long day. We did portaits and architecture and nurses.

Back in town we did some manufacturing work. It was nice to be back in a facility were it’s tough to get interesting shots. That’s why they hire professionals.

I shoot for my friend John Desmone from time to time. Authentic Taxidermy. You know how they say people look like their dogs?

We got into some fun studio shoots. Jimmy Kukral was in need of a superman shoot for one of his sites. My shot was much better then his but he’ll come around – just let him know it. I’ve been doing some new look photography for One of our models Shefali is also a great musician. Updates to come. Here are a few images from the shoot.


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