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Architecture, headshots and product photography in Cleveland Ohio.

Well it’s been a crazy last couple of months and of course I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since November. Between the holidays, the photography and sports afield – is that enough excuses? We were actually out shooting architecture in November and and December. That’s crazy…. but then we’ve had a crazy winter.

The photography business is a collaboration of a lot of different opportunities. Thru the last several months we shot holiday parties and events, model portfolios, product photography, photographic illustrations, printed and web work. It’s never the same and always is changing. One of the things that sets us a part is that we act as virtual photographers for many clients. I’ve often had graphic and creative designers direct me from the comfort of their offices while I shoot. We’ll shoot a product shot and then resize and email or ftp the image for approval. Most agencies are so booked with work that they can’t afford to send a creative off site. Thus the virtual photographer.

We had some fun with one agency in town. They came up with this idea for one of their client to do some photographic illustrations of common automotive equipment. This group and is always pushing the envelope when it comes to fun and unusual shots. Love to work for. They sell the idea I do the shots.

We also did some interesting food shots – splashing liquid photography. What a mess but the results were great.

Of course we did some bread and butter of this industry and shots many, many, headshot, fashion, and family photography for clients and friends.


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