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Architecture, Animals, Awards Photography

Wow! It’s been a very busy few weeks in the Cleveland Photography market. It’s way past time to update the blog. I started out shooting some great product shots on the westside of Cleveland. The agency I had worked with and I hired a couple of models to pose in a few camping shots. Started out nice but by the end of the day the weather came screaming in.

Once the rain came I was off to shoot an awards dinner and party. Always fun.

The next morning I was off to do a field goose hunt with a friend from the backpackers shop. He brought a blind buddy – made for a good shot. No birds though. Nice sunrise.

The following week found us shooting quite of few architectural photography jobs for a couple of buildings on the westside and the eastside. Beautiful homes.

During the week we shot for a corporate professional speaker group and pulled off some portraits and a campy photo shoot for a holday card designer Dave Szalay was working on.

Friday night and Saturday morning the weather had opened up and allowed me to shoot a downtown architectural shot I had been waiting to shoot. Between the construction crew and schedule I was worried we wouldn’t squeeze this out of state job in.


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